Filling the hearts, stomachs, and minds of children across Baja California, Mexico.
Our Mission

To provide children of Baja California, Mexico better access to food, education, medical supplies, and happiness through one-on-one connection. The Barbers For Baja organization believes children are the heart beat of every community. In order to keep that heart beat alive and thriving we must provide them with four basic needs:

Food: Through events in the United States, as well as Baja, we distribute food to multiple food banks, organizations, and families in the area.

Education: Providing children with access to better education through funding for scholarships, teachers, and learning materials.

Medical supplies: The collection and distribution of proper supplies + materials needed for Baja firefighters, EMTs, and medical volunteers.

Connection: Building one-on-one relationships with children and families. We believe that getting to know communities deeply not only helps us better support the needs of that community but also builds connections that are priceless.

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